Money and Luck Spells

Often, our lives can seem ruled by fate and chance.

The level of control we have over our lives is often debatable. We know bad things can happen to good people for no obvious reason.

Obeah magic can be a fantastic way to find your best path through life. I can call upon the good spirits to examine your life,identify upcoming issues and intercede on your behalf. Used correctly, this can be used to ensure good fortune flows your way.

Specific use of Obeah magic can even make wealth, money and power far easier to attain.

Obeah Spells

Master Luck Spell

Sudden opportunities will present themselves to you. This is the spell to use when you feel like you need the luck of the day to be yours. Why not help it fall towards you? Obeah has the power to tip the balance in your favor.


Luck Changer Spell

This Luck Changer Spell will give you a clean slate, and change your luck for good! Use my special Mother Ammaline's Luck Spell to completely reverse things and have good luck flooding into your life.


May The Odds Be With You

Whatever your game of choice, be it number-based, sports-based or games of chance, it can never hurt to have the spirits of Obeah on your side. It will make all the difference.


Riches Abound Spell

This is a Obeah Money Spell that is designed with one thing in mind - maximizing the amount of money that finds its way to you. Order your Riches Abound Spell and let Obeah turn the strands of your life to gold and profit.