Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Obeah?

Obeah is one of the most powerful forms of magic in existence. It originated in Africa, and is currently practised throughout the Caribbean and beyond.

How do I choose the Spell that will work for me?

Mother Ammaline will be happy to help, don't hesitate to contact me.

When will my spell be cast, and can I choose the casting date?

When I receive your order, I will schedule your casting so it will take place within 3 days. I will then contact you with your exact casting date. Should you wish for a specific date, I will certainly do my best to accommodate you.

What information do you need in order to cast my spell?

Once you place your order you will be contacted by Mother Ammaline and she will request your name, birth date, and any pertinent information you can provide.

Can I have a spell cast on behalf of someone else and will they know?

I can orient your spell toward anyone you wish. Unless you inform them of the casting, they will never know. My services are completely confidential.

Do you cast curses or death spells?

I do not cast such spells. I practise positive magic that will help people live a happy life.

How long will it take for my spell to work?

Obeah is serious magic and your spell will begin its work almost immediately. The final results however can take a little time, it depends on the type of spell you choose.

When should I pay for my spell?

When you begin to see that your spell is working. I will wait for up to three weeks after your casting date.

What if the spell does not work?

If your spell does not produce any results within 3 weeks, You don't have to pay. I will reverse it and even refund your 1.00 deposit.

If the spell works and I don't pay, what will happen?

I will reverse your unpaid spells and return you to the state you were in before your spellwork was performed. Any gains will be lost.

Payment-Related Questions

How much do charge for your spells?

I charge $245.00 per casting, there are no additional costs. This covers my time (usually between 10 and 20 hours total, spread out over several weeks), the materials I must use, with a little left over to pay for things like this website. Keep in mind that as you are only paying for results, there is no risk involved.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept Paypal and all major Credit Cards (through Paypal). I cannot accept phone or mail-in payments at this time.

Why do I have to pay $1? Didn't you just say I don't have to pay upfront?

I have has several cases in the past where I have invested my time and materials into a spell, only to find out that the person was not able to pay me afterwards. The $1 proves to me that you have access to a method of payment. This $1 is fully refundable should your spell fail.